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Returning to Laughing Jackal

Hi everyone. Hope you’ve had a good week and that Al has been taking care of you all properly. :)  Since I arrived back at the Laughing Jackal offices on Wednesday I’ve been really busy catching up with everything I’ve missed while I was in Crete.  It’s funny how everything seems to happen when you go away.

I’ve had hundreds of emails to check through but I have found time to take a look at all the work that’s been going into Mystery Game X, which seems to have progressed really well in the time I’ve been off.  Rich has even given us some new toys we can include in the levels. :)

On the subject of Mystery Game X, while I was away we had some important people from outside Laughing Jackal come in to take a look at it. The meeting went really well and we’re currently preparing a larger portion of the game for them to take a look at.

On getting back into work I was also told that we’ve had to delay the release of the iPhone version of Hungry Giraffe. While (sadly) I’m not allowed to tell you why it’s been delayed, it’s actually for quite an exciting reason and not due to a problem with the game.

Talking of Hungry Giraffe I’ve heard that the North American version of the Mini is now playable on the Vita. Great news for North American Vita owners who have a hunger for great bite-sized games. :)

That’s all for today. I’ll be back next week with all the news from Laughing Jackal.  But until then, why not on join us on our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+  pages?

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JeremyR says:

Obviously Hungry Giraffe has been delayed because it's being turned into a movie and they want the iOS released to coincide with the movie release. Right?
[LJ] Ross says:

Oh dear. We appear to have sprung a leak :)

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