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Flame Over gets a new developer Lets Play

With the Steam release of Flame Over just a few days away, we thought now was a good time to lock the game’s designer, Al, in a room with a copy of the game and not let him out until he finished another Let’s Play video.

The latest video gives a general overview of the game as well as showing off some of the great new features you can look forward to in the PC version of Flame Over.

For those of you who prefer something a little more unbiased, then Nerd Cubed also took a look at Flame Over for his Youtube channel, and I’m pleased (and with almost 240K views at the time of writing, very, very happy!) to say he really enjoyed it! :) So, go check out what he thought of the game:

Remember, Flame Over is released in just two days on the 28th May, so if you want to get it for just $7.19 (£5.39) with that sweet 40% discount then check out the Flame Over Steam store page

Laughing Jackal is a small, little known development team. We really need YOUR help to spread the news about Flame Over far and wide, so we can get it into people’s hands and keep doing what we (and hopefully you!) love – making great games. We appreciate any help you can give us, be it sharing a post, retweeting, or just telling a friend about Flame Over. It means a huge amount to us so thanks for whatever you’re prepared to do.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just off to decide if I should let Al out again… ;)

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Flame Over coming to Steam on the 28th May

Hi everyone. If you’ve been looking forward to the PC release of our firefighting action roguelike, Flame Over, I’m delighted to be able to tell you that it will be coming to Steam on the 28th May priced at $11.99.  Not only that but anyone who pre-orders the game from when the pre-order period starts on the 14th May until the game’s release on the 28th will get a massive 40% discount.  That results in a bargain price of $7.19.

Since the launch of the Vita version of Flame Over, and after reading all the great feedback on it, the LJ team has been hard at work improving the game, and has added the following new features:

  • Keyboard & Mouse support (of course! :))
  • Control mapping
  • You can now find Blaze’s ghost on the level he died, allowing you to regain cash and powerups.
  • A host of secrets, rare rooms & easter eggs, to ensure that no play through is the same.
  • A handy Fire Drill & Tutorial system, so it doesn’t seem like you’ve been dropped into a burning building. :)

We’ve also reworked the wall of fire hazard, which will now set light to everything in its path and – mercifully – won’t instakill NPCs.

Flame Over is a fire fighting action game with randomly generated levels, blending Twin Stick Shooter and Roguelike design principles.

A Real Fire Fighting Experience

Flame Over features a dynamic fire system that burns and spreads according to the materials found in each randomly generated level. Watch fires spread according to the materials available, attacking your fire fighter and generating dangerous hazards across 4 game zones.

An Ever-Changing Race Against Time

Guide fire fighting hero, Blaze Carruthers, in a struggle against the clock and near-certain death! Fight through all 16 floors of the Infernal Industries building, combating ferocious fires in a red-hot adventure that changes every time!

Become A Fire Fighting Hero

Rescue people and cats from a fiery end. Lead them to safety to earn extra time, health and persistent upgrades. Only Blaze Carruthers can save the day!

Earn Upgrades, Buy Powerups, SURVIVE!

Complete side missions to earn persistent upgrades that increase your odds. Use coins collected while you play to buy in-game powerups. Compete with other fire fighters worldwide across Score and Time Leaderboards.

Since its release on PS Vita Flame Over has been getting some great review scores including:

“Flame Over isn’t just one of my favorite PS Vita games of the year but one of my favorite games full stop. I seriously cannot stop playing it.” - 10/10
PS Nation

“Extremely addictive. Hours and hours of pure fun.” -100%

“...packs a ferocious difficulty level and a protagonist that makes Fireman Sam look like a weakling... Not only is it one of the best games of 2015 (so far), it’s one of the best games on Playstation Vita. Period.”
Critical Indie Gamer

“Flame Over burns about as bright as a Bunsen burner with the air holes open and some magnesium tape held in the flame. It is a rock of a challenge that only Herculean gamers will complete... If you're up for the challenge, jump right in...” - 9/10
PS Vita Roundup

“Flame Over seems too hot to handle at first, but it's worth every hour you invest into it” - 8/10
Pocket Gamer

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Applications for the Flame Over beta now closed

Hi everyone,

A massive thank you to everyone who has offered to help us with the Flame Over closed beta on Steam. We really do appreciate it.  With the application period now closed we’re going to be looking to get the closed beta up and running before the week is over. As such, everyone who applied to the beta can expect to receive a reply by the end of tomorrow, depending on when the Steam keys come through.

If you didn’t apply in time then please keep an eye on the blog as it’s possible we may re-open applications in the future. Please rest assured that if we do we’ll be posting about it here, as usual.

In preparation for the beta we’ve been hard at work on the PC version of Flame Over and the game seems to be coming along nicely. In addition to a few balancing tweaks we’ve also added a brand new tutorial mode, and we’ll be watching to see how the external beta testers manage with it.

All that being said, it’s not like we’ve been neglecting the PS4 build, which - while it won’t feature in the closed beta - is also coming along well and more or less at the same rate as the Steam version which is exciting news for PS4 owning action Roguelike fans. :)

Finally, I’d like to apologise for the delay to the Flame Over PS Vita patch, which we promised a few weeks back.  Unfortunately while the work on the patch has been completed, there has been an administrative delay in getting the patch distributed. We’re currently working to resolve this and I hope to have more news for you soon. Thanks for bearing with us!

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