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OMG Zombies is part of the Blink Bundle!

Hi everyone. If you’ve been waiting to pick up our blood splattered, chain-reaction-shooter, OMG Zombies on Steam, then now might be the perfect time for you because it’s currently available as part of the Blink Bundle.

For a minimum price of just $2.49 you can bag yourself a copy of OMG Zombies along with three other great games: From the Depths, Retro-Pixel Castles & Lost Marbles.  The deal ends at 6am GMT Wednesday 26th November, so if you want to take advantage of this excellent offer be sure to check out the Blink Bundles Page before then.

OMG Zombies is an awesome reimagining of a genuine classic: the critically acclaimed OMG-Z, a top-ten all-time Metacritic rated PSP game and ranked as Metacritic’s best action title ever released on PSP!  The guys at Push Square gave it 89% and called it “a must buy” game, Escape Rope claimed it’s “ of the best zombie games in recent memory” and Defunct Games gave it an A rating saying it’s “so addictive... I still can't get enough of watching the explosive chain reaction caused from a well-placed bullet.”


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Flame Over finishes 3rd in the Big Indie Pitch

Hey everyone,

This week’s been a busy one! As well as inching dangerously close to a beta of Flame Over, we also attended Steel Media’s super-duper ‘Big Indie Pitch’ event  at London’s ExCel yesterday.

Above: Once we arrived at the Big Indie Pitch it was cool to see Flame Over up on the big screen.

Big Indie Pitch is a speed-dating style pitching event, connecting indie devs and games journalists via a series of very short pitches. Each dev takes turns to demo their game to 4 tables of journos, with each pitch lasting just 3 minutes with 1 minute for questions afterwards. When time’s up it’s off to the next table to start over again – you’re all done in just 16 minutes!

We got to the event bang on time, then waited for our pitching slot to come up; unfortunately we were in the last group, but at least we’d be freshest in the judges’ minds when our time did come.  While we waited we got to mingle with other devs and some of the journos in attendance who weren’t judging the event. We also did our level best to eat as many free nachos as possible! :)

Above: All set up, ready to pitch!

When our turn came we rushed from table to table getting as many Flame Over factoids across as possible and giving the judges as much hands on time with the game as we could. Given that even an easy Flame Over level is gonna take at LEAST 3-4 minutes to complete, it was a tough gig, but we felt that our pitches went pretty well.

Once everyone was finished we had a nervous wait while the judges painstakingly compared notes and collated the scores for each game. Imagine our surprise when 3rd place was announced and Flame Over was called out over the mic! We’d expected what was primarily a phone/tablet focused event to favour some of the other contestants (ours was the only Vita game on show) but the quality of Flame Over thankfully shone through in the short time we had.

Above: Our baseball and certificate as 3rd place winners! Yay for Flame Over!!

The other worthy winners were ‘Polyganic’ from Fluff Stuff Studios in 1st place and ‘Planet Quest’ by outofthebit coming in 2nd – huge congrats to both of them!)

You can see more about Big Indie Pitch, Flame Over and the other winners in Pocketgamer’s coverage of the event, right here:

All in all we had a great time at the Big Indie Pitch and would love to attend again in the future. We were thrilled to win 3rd place with Flame Over, so a huge thanks to all of the judges – you might consider giving each of them a follow on Twitter. Here’s where you can find them:

Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer: @britishgaming

Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer: @harryslater

Bob Heubel, Immersion: @BobHeubel

Danny Russell, 148 Apps: @caffeinedreamer

Phillippa Warr, Wired and Guardian: @philippawarr

Will Freeman, Observer: @spadgy_OTA

Alysia Judge, ITProPortal: @AlysiaJudge

Vaughn Highfield, Freelance: @Starfox118


That’s it for this time. See you again here on the Blog soon.




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Check out the new Flame Over Opening

Hi everyone,

Cool news this week! We’re now really close to reaching a beta of the Vita version of Flame Over, and to celebrate we’ve decided to share the game’s beautiful intro sequence with you all, courtesy of our super-talented artists, Marc and Paul. Check it out:

Let us know what you think in the comments below – we couldn’t be more pleased with how it’s turned out. :)

We’ve now got almost every feature implemented in the game. Now it’s a question of getting the last few bits finished, polishing stuff that needs it, and fixing all the funny little bugs that crop up at this stage of the project. So far, things are looking good for a submission by the end of the year, which means release on Vita in the early part of Q1 2015!

Flame Over will be released on Vita first, before we turn our attention to the PS4 version, which will be followed by a Steam release, hopefully all of which will happen during Q1 2015. We are so thrilled with how things are turning out, and can’t wait to share more of the game with you.

We’ve continued sharing the game with magazines and websites over the last couple of months, with recent visits to Future Publishing and Imagine Publishing that will hopefully result in some great preview coverage in early December. We’ll keep you posted here and on the Twitter feed, so watch this space!

We’re also hoping to share some new gameplay videos over the next 2-3 weeks, so you can see even more of the game for yourselves!

Until then you can keep up to date with Flame Over here on the blog, or via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

See you next time!



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