Flame Over

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Blending top down "squirt em-up" action and "Pyroguelike" game mechanics, Flame Over features fast-paced fire-fighting thrills, randomly generated levels, 4 different game zones and dastardly hazards at every turn!

Guide moustachioed fire-fighting legend, Blaze Carruthers, in a race against time and near-certain death! Fight through all 16 floors of the Infernal Industries building in a quest to save it from the dynamically spreading fires threatening to raze it to the ground! Fail, and it's Flame Over...

  • EXPLORATION! An all-action roguelike full of random levels, permadeath and fire and rescue fun!
  • EXCITEMENT! Rescue workers, avoid deadly hazards, complete mini missions, save cats... Shop!
  • EXPERIENCE! Upgrade player stats, buy powerups and chase speed runs and high scores online.


Flame Over isn’t just one of my favorite PS Vita games of the year but one of my favorite games full stop. I seriously cannot stop playing it. - 10/10
PS Nation
...packs a ferocious difficulty level and a protagonist that makes Fireman Sam look like a weakling... Not only is it one of the best games of 2015 (so far), it’s one of the best games on Playstation Vita. Period.
Critical Indie Gamer
Flame Over is a surprisingly deep and interesting game... easily one of the funnest Rogue Like titles in recent memory. - 94%
GameOn Network
Flame Over is a great game that is sure to get Vita owners hooked with its simple to pick up, difficult to master style of play that will have you wanting to better your previous run every time you pick it up. - 4.5/5
The Vita Lounge
Flame Over burns about as bright as a Bunsen burner with the air holes open and some magnesium tape held in the flame. It is a rock of a challenge that only Herculean gamers will complete... If you're up for the challenge, jump right in... - 9/10
PS Vita Roundup
If you put enough time into Flame Over, you and your Vita will get on like a house on fire. It’s a tough but hugely rewarding experience that amounts to one of the best Vita releases around. Feel the burn! - 9/10
Punk and Lizard
...one of the Playstation Vita’s absolute must-buys. Featuring tight controls, whimsical audio-visuals that belie a ruthless-but-fair set of game systems and a minute cost of entry, there remains little to say but get it while it’s hot. - 9/10
Coffee Break Gaming
I’m currently having a blast playing this game... For ten dollars, I would absolutely recommend picking this game up. - 9/10
Flame Over is a notoriously hard game, and will have you taking a few hours to fully understand how to work as efficiently as possible and even beat the first level - but that’s the fun of it also. - 9/10
ATG Reviews
It has easily become a game that goes on my regular rotation on the Vita... It can sit proudly with some of the best Roguelike games... - 9/10
Overall, I heartily recommend it, because it’s just so much fun to play. Over and over. - 9/10
If you love a game that challenges you and rewards you for persevering, then you should definitely give Flame Over a chance. Do not be fooled by the cute exterior, there is a devilishly good game hidden beneath the surface. - 90%
Flame Over is a fresh and quirky experience that I would recommend to anyone that is a fan of the roguelike genre. I've never played anything like it and am already thinking about how I can improve my game. - 8.5/10
If you have been wanting to attempt a roguelike game, you consider yourself a veteran or you just want to put out some fires and save some cats, then Flame Over is well worth picking up. - 8.2/10
Impressive... worth your time and cash. - 8/10
Flame Over seems too hot to handle at first, but it's worth every hour you invest into it - 8/10
Pocket Gamer
...a gem of a title which will provide hours of fun and a hell of a lot of re-playability. - 8/10
Otaku Gamers UK
...quickly becomes one of the most addictive experiences out there. It never ceases to be unforgivably tough, but it does so in an exciting way that provides hours of fun. - 8/10
Flame Over gives you the true feeling of what it's like to be a firefighter. It's scary, clostrophobic, and it sure as hell isn't easy, but it's gives you the rush, and it's an experience you'll be eager to repeat once you get the taste for it.
Flame Over is tough. Brutally tough... it’ll keep you wanting to come back for more punishment.
The graphics are great, bright cheerful, detailed and the music is very well done, suited to the piece itself. It all ties up into a nice little package... - 8/10
Brash Games
The upgrades, power-ups, and randomized levels are fantastic for replay value and the game just makes you feel awesome as you douse the flames with your hose and/or extinguisher. - 4/5
...those looking for a fresh take on the ever-growing roguelike and twin-stick shooter genres should definitely give Flame Over a chance. - 4/5
Game Rant
...definitely something which should be picked up by Vita owners itching for a challenge. - 7/10
Flame Over is refreshing. It has a clever twist on the roguelike by introducing the fire as the primary enemy... it’s well worth the adventure. - 3.5/5
Digitally Downloaded
...once you get to grips with the game, it'll grow on you like an out-of-control inferno. - 7/10
Push Square
For PS Vita owners, this game is a pleasant little surprise. - 7/10