OMG HD Zombies!


OMG HD Zombies! is an awesome reimagining of a genuine classic: the critically acclaimed OMG-Z, a Metacritic top-ten all-time PSP game. OMG HD Zombies! features completely redrawn HD graphics, more gore, more levels, more upgrades and all-new content including 12 trophies, 100+ leaderboards, a 20-stage "Prestige" system and 5 beautifully illustrated endings.

Armed with your bare wit (and a large-calibre sniper rifle) your lone cop is the last man standing at the epicentre of the outbreak. Your mission? Succeed where the police and army failed, clean the streets of 8 different strains of bloodthirsty zombies and stop armageddon in its tracks!

Use your sharpshooting chain reaction skills to vanquish 100 branching levels of zombie hell across 40 unique environments. Earn 400 shiny medals and cold hard cash, and use it to buy 100 different upgrades, all designed to MAKE HD ZOMBIES EXPLODE!


There's a reason that all this is so addictive, but I can't quite put my finger on it. This is now my third time playing through the OMG-Z series, and I still can't get enough of watching the explosive chain reaction caused from a well-placed bullet. - A rating
Defunct Games
This is an excellent game that can be yours for a paltry price. - 89%
If you missed out on this clever take on the zombie apocalypse the first time around, then OMG HD Zombies! is a must buy. The fresh undead types and overhauled visuals will offer something new for seasoned slayers, while the sheer satisfaction of the core gameplay loop will delight newcomers. - 8/10
Push Square
Overall OMG HD Zombies! is a great title by Laughing Jackal. The simple aesthetic hides a game that requires you to think before you act, and to conserve your supplies. When a chain is successful it feels great, and those rare occasions where you get 100% clearance are very satisfying. - 8/10
OMG HD Zombies! Is the perfect quick play game for the Vita, giving Zombie fans plenty of blood and gore whilst also challenging players with a very addictive puzzle system that keeps you coming back for more.
With addictive gameplay, fun concept and a [cheap] price... do not miss the opportunity to experience one of the best [zombie games] in recent memory. - 4/5
Escape Rope
A winning combination of luck and strategy will amuse you for hours - 8/10