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Ace Armstrong SCEA release date confirmed - plus a bit more news. :)

Hello again,

At long last I’ve got you a solid, definite release date for Ace Armstrong vs. the Alien Scumbags! on the SCEA PSN Store. The date you’re all waiting for (I hope!) is Tuesday 7th September 2010. As I said last week, the game has been rated ‘Teen – Blood / Fantasy Violence’ by the ESRB and will be priced at $6.99 upon release. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it once it arrives.

As a reminder for those who didn’t see last week, Ace Armstrong is released on the SCEE PSN Store on Wednesday 1st September 2010, and will cost £4.99 / €5.99 depending on your geographical position. Give the game a whirl – we’re really pleased with the results, but I have to say that I do wish that Minis demos were supported on the Store. Ah, well – maybe it’ll happen some day. :-(

More news – both of our new Minis projects are progressing nicely, although they’re still in the early stages. I can reveal that we’re also working on a full PSN PS3 game, which is exciting for us – we’ve had a dev kit for a little while so it’s nice to be working on something over a slightly longer time frame (about which I cannot reveal further details yet, so please don’t ask, as it causes me mental and physical pain having to hold info back!).

As a side note, we’re now thinking about what products to do next. We’ve got 2 other Minis lined up after the current projects, which will be action-packed pick-up-and-play type titles, but after that I am super keen to do a Contra-style product – something which makes lots of cheeky in-jokes and winking references to the classic action movies of the 80s – I am thinking specifically of films like Commando, Predator, The Terminator, Rambo, Delta Force, etc. Who knows if anything will ever come of it, but I thought I’d put the feelers out! ;-) I am a HUGE action movie fan (a.k.a. the films of ‘Bad Ass Cinema’), so it’s kind of a dream-ticket for me!

While I'm on the subject of which games to do next, thank you to all those who contributed to my little survey topic on recently, and thanks to the site itself for providing the facility for me to survey their visitors, and for their continued support – invaluable as always.

More next week I’m sure – see you then. :-)

Al – Senior Producer

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Ron says:

I thought the price of Ace would be less than 5 euros on the European PlayStation Store? I've already bought more than twenty Minis from the store, but they each cost me less than a fiver. I've decided long time ago that five euros will be the maximum amount I'm prepared to shell out for any Minis since no demos are available, and trailers and (especially) reviews can be dubious. Please reconsider your pricing. :)
[LJ] Ben says:

Hi Ron, we have some news you might enjoy:
Ron says:

LJ Ben, thanks for the heads-up regarding a price drop. Consider it sold! :)

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