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Feline Hot, Hot, Hot!

Hello all,

This week’s Flame Over blog post concerns one of the game’s primary NPCs, the astonishingly cute and previously hinted at, Cat. :) Here, take a look:

Above: Flame Over’s super-cute cat, in his scared, idle and running poses. He looks awesome in motion.  Good job Marc and Paul!

While you’re playing Flame Over you’ll be leading lone fire fighting hero, Blaze Carruthers, through the many highly-dangerous levels of the Infernal Industries building.  As you do so you’ll undoubtedly come under sustained attack, be it from the flames that threaten to overwhelm you at every turn, or the various hazard filled rooms that you might encounter…

With so many dangers to be mindful of, it’s vital that Blaze can top up his limited health supply. Whilst you can heal Blaze by finding or buying a Heart powerup, by FAR the noblest and most life-affirming way of keeping Blaze healthy is by rescuing the cat that is to be found in each of Flame Over’s randomly generated levels.

Every level in the game contains a lonely, scared feline, waving its tail forlornly, waiting for a heroic fireman to rescue it from the approaching flames.  Once you’ve found a cat, rescuing it is easy.  Simply approach it and it’ll begin to dutifully follow Blaze around the level.  You’ll have to be careful though because if a cat goes too near any fires whilst trying to follow Blaze, then it’ll begin to take damage of its own.  Blaze is able to leave the cat behind with a push of the [X] button leaving you time to deal with any nearby fires before returning to your cat which, with luck, should be just as healthy as when you left it – unless another fire broke out in the meantime!

Once Blaze and the cat have returned to the level’s exit point, the cat will gratefully run off to safety, rewarding Blaze with additional health as it does so.

So, you see, it really pays to be kind to the animals - especially the internet’s favourite creature! Perhaps this mutually beneficial relationship explains why firemen are so famous for saving our beloved feline friends? :)

I’ll be returning with more Flame Over news next week. Until then have a great weekend and, for those in the UK, have a great Bank Holiday.

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