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Flame Over launch, EGX Rezzed, plus Launch Trailer exclusive on PlayStation Blog!

Hi everyone,

We’re thrilled to be less than a week away from launching Flame Over, our viciously tough firefighting pyroguelike!

There’s not long to go; in fact Flame Over will launch on Tuesday 10th March for $9.99 in SCEA territories, and on Wednesday 11th March for €9.99 in SCEE territories.

We’ll be debuting the launch trailer for Flame Over next Monday 9th March exclusively on both the SCEA and SCEE PlayStation Blog sites, so please do check it out. There will be some other interesting news featuring so please do check it out! ^^

Anyone wishing to dive into Flame Over’s fiendishly difficult “squirt ‘em-up” action can now find a digital guide and some ‘pro tips’ for the game inside the downloadable press pack available on the official Flame Over website:

The link to download the press pack is visible near the top of the page. Enjoy! :)

You can also view our very own ‘Let’s Play videos of Flame Over on the LaughingJackalGames YouTube channel, both of which give STACKS of useful tips on how to play, particularly the first video, which really is a must watch for learner firefighters!

Those of you attending EGX Rezzed next week (12th - 14th March) will be able to play a preview build of the amazing PlayStation®4 version of Flame Over a few months ahead of release as well as talk to the team and maybe try the Vita version too, which will then be on sale. We can’t wait to see you there!

Finally Laughing Jackal’s very own OMG Zombies is now available for a gore-splatteringly cheap £0.79 over on the Steam Store. You would be mad to miss it at that price, so please go check it out! ^^

That’s all until next week. I’ll see you guys on the PlayStation Blog on Monday. In the meantime, get ready to fry! Flame Over is coming!!



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