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Flame Over patch will turn the heat up

Hi everyone,

It’s been another crazily busy week here at Laughing Jackal towers!

Flame Over is now on sale for Vita and the PS4 and Steam versions should be at alpha in around 2-3 weeks – it’s been very cool to get such great feedback from people who’ve already purchased the game on Vita, so a huge thank you to anyone who’s already bought the game. You guys rock! ^^

After launching on Vita and the game having such a great response from the visitors at EGX Rezzed, we’ve been really driven and made a ton of progress on the forthcoming PC and PS4 builds. Yay!

Even better, Vita owners will gain the benefit of some improvements made to the PC/PS4 versions post launch, as we’ve finished testing a patch for Vita that should be submitted to Sony next week (fingers crossed!)

The patch notes for this interim patch are as follows:

  • Thermometer now ONLY fills all the way up when Blaze is standing in a room with a fire burning in it. If the thermometer is full you know there’s a fire in the room somewhere!
  • Fire Exit icon now appears on the Minimap at all times.
  • Blaze now flashes red once hit by a fireball.
  • Blaze now flashes after losing a heart.
  • Fire no longer spawns in the Fuseboard Room.
  • Your own score can be found by pressing [SQUARE] on the Leaderboards screen.
  • Leaderboards now delay before requesting scores, so you can fast scroll through scores.
  • The Loot upgrade category is now automatically unlocked from the start of the game.
  • The Fuseboard Icon will always be visible on your minimap until you turn it off.
  • Upgrade cost warning can now be dismissed.
  • Upgrades screen now only appears when you can unlock an upgrade category or afford an upgrade item.
  • Quick Restart can now be accessed via the Pause Menu immediately upon player death or from the Game Over screen.
  • The Intro video only plays once now, instead of every level load.
  • NPCs now have a brief window of invulnerability when revived with the Defibrillator powerup.
  • Water refill speeds have been doubled.
  • Fixed an exploit where times were posted to Leaderboards without starting from Office Stage 1-1. Scores submitted this way will be voided and reset.
  • Fixed a crash where the player could exit certain rooms by walking into corners.
  • Fixed an issue where autosave could potentially wipe your Player Stats.
  • Fixed an issue where the Caretaker accused you of stealing despite you having not done so.
  • Fixed a visual issue where the magnifying overlay wouldn’t match your upgrade time.
  • Fixed a bug where ambient fire sound would no longer play after the first level.
  • Fixed an issue where the Main menu text became unreadable.

Sounds pretty great, right? :)

Hopefully the submission will go well and you’ll be able to try out Flame Over 1.1 in around a couple of weeks. In the meantime it’s back to work on getting the ultimate firefighting Roguelike ready for its console and Steam debut!

Until then, have a great Easter and talk to you again soon!


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