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Merry Christmas and a Flaming Good New Year!

Hello everyone!

First of all, I’m sorry the blog has gone so quiet lately. We’ve been up to our necks in Flame Over since EGX finished up, but I have great news… Flame Over on Vita has now been submitted to SCEE and SCEA for testing!

A typically dangerous fire fighting scenario, lifted from Flame Over’s Title screen background.

This gives me more joy than you can possibly understand. We’ve worked on Flame Over for almost two years now, FAR longer than any other project we’ve done previously. We’ve never had so long to bring a product to fruition before and I’m confident it’ll bear fruit when the game is released in early 2015. It really is a special game and randomly generated fire fighting is a total blast!

After player feedback at EGX we’ve integrated tutorial-style messages directly into gameplay.

Everyone’s worked so hard - over the last few weeks in particular – and I can’t wait for you guys to be able to play the game on Vita early in 2015.

We’ve also simplified the fire Exit. Only one way in or out and a single ‘FIRE’machine to resupply!

One last thing to mention is that OMG Zombies! currently has 60% off in the Steam holiday sale, so it’ll cost you a measly £1.59. If you’ve not sampled the satisfaction of setting up truly epic chains of undead gore you can download OMG Zombies! right here:

That’s it for 2015. Have a great Christmas and we’ll be back in the New Year.

Bye! ^_^


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