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New Flame Over gameplay video goes live on SCEE PSN Blog next Wednesday, 21st Jan 2015

Hi everyone,

First up, a belated Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you all had a great Christmas holiday. ^_^

I have some great news regarding Flame Over! Now that the Vita version is content complete and in submission with Sony Europe we’ve created a Let’s Play video showing the entirety of the game’s first stage, complete with a live voice over by me! :)

During this first Flame Over ‘Let’s Play’ video I work my way through Stage 1, spending some time explaining the controls, the basic gameplay, the game’s randomly generated levels, some of the more important GUI elements, our awesome dynamic fire system and a little about the game’s side missions and persistent upgrades.

So, when can you see this AWESOME video? That’s easy! Just visit the SCEE PlayStation Blog on Wednesday 21st January at 16:00 GMT, where the video will gets it first airing.

So, what else has been happening? Well the PS4 version of the game is now being worked on, with changes to GUI, the menu system and a few other things to take advantage of our 1080p resolution and larger display size.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on Flame Over! It’s been the product of nearly two years of really hard work and has had an incredibly positive reception both from Sony and the gaming press.

We’re confident we’ve created what’s certainly the best fire fighting game ever made (yes, even better than Burning Rangers, Roscoe McQueen: Firefighter Extreme and even my own childhood favourite, The Firemen on SNES) and something that has the potential to be a real hit on Vita and other formats.

I guess all that remains is for me to remind you to check out the SCEE PlayStation Blog next Wednesday 21st Jan at 16:00 GMT.

Remember, you can stay up-to-date on all things Flame Over related by checking back here regularly and by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Let me know what you think about the gameplay video once it goes live next Wednesday. We’ll be doing a second Let’s Play, showing more about the Upgrades system and the in-game Shop (where you can buy powerups!) very soon.

Thanks for now.


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