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NEWS-A-GEDDON!! - 'CUBIXX HD' update; 'Ace Armstrong' update coming to SCEA; 'Duæl Invaders' announced for PSN minis; Longest ever headline reported! ;D

Hey everyone!

Ok, we’ve been a bit quiet recently because, to be blunt, we’ve got so much going on at LJ Towers at the moment. :) We’ve got 3 nuggets of news to share with you today, so here goes:

    1)    ‘Cubixx HD’ almost at alpha:

Things are shaping up really nicely for our flagship PSN title for PS3, the mighty Cubixx HD! We’re now at a point where the game’s almost at alpha (that is, the content has pretty much all been nailed down, before we crack on with refining the game balancing and graphics/sound).

While I’m obviously biased, Cubixx HD is looking really special and we can’t wait to get it out there into the hands of line-drawing area-capturing obsessives everywhere. As you’d expect, Cubixx HD introduces buckets of new PS3-exclusive features on top of what’s easily our most popular minis title to date.

    2)    ‘Ace Armstrong vs. the Alien Scumbags! – Updated build live on SCEA PSN Store next Tuesday:

That’s right; at very long last Ace Armstrong’s vastly improved updated build goes live on the SCEA PSN Store on Tuesday November 16th. If you’ve already played the game over on the other side of the Atlantic please do give the update a try – it’s so much better it’s not even funny. If you’ve yet to give it a go, then there’s never been a better time to see just how Ace you are at shmups.

    3)    ‘Duæl Invaders’ announced for PSN minis:

Yes, that’s right; we’ve begun work on another PSN minis project. Our next minis title is ‘Duæl Invaders’, a single-screen seriously retro-themed  shmup featuring awesome enemy waves and cool modes for 1 or 2 players. That’s all we can tell you for now, but please feel free to speculate! More will be revealed very soon! ;)

Have a great weekend.

Al  :)

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