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OMG-Z is shambling onto PlayStation minis this August

Hi everyone.  I think I managed to get away from them.  I’ve barricaded the doors to Laughing Jackal Laboratories and I think it should hold them for a while.  It won’t last long though, and OMG-Z will be shambling out onto PlayStation minis on the 3rdof August in Europe.  Oddly enough, due to some bizarre kink in the space time continuum caused by some of our earlier experiments, they will be making it to the American store on the 2ndof August.  But don’t worry, our world famous OMG-Z Zombie Protection Kit will be available on the PlayStation minis section of the PSN Store for £2.49 ($3.49 in the US).

I’ve assigned one of our brave minions - I mean assistants - to stay behind and record some of the zombies’ behaviour and, while he seems to have died horribly, it appears he did manage to capture the following footage:


I salute his brave sacrifice.  Thinking about it some more, I should have chained him to something higher up so the zombies couldn’t reach him.  Ah well, there’s always a next time...


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