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OMG-Z rampages through the web

Hi everyone.  It’s been a week since OMG-Z was released and the reaction has been fantastic.  It’s been great hearing from all of you on our Facebook and Twitter and it’s not just been you guys who’ve loved OMG-Z; the reviews have been fantastic too.

Eurogamer gave OMG-Z a 9/10, saying: All of this adds up to a monstrously addictive quick-fire affair that utterly nails what on-the-go handheld gaming should be about.”

PushSquare went one further, giving it 4/4, and saying: With an enormous array of levels, plenty to unlock and a huge amount of replay value... OMG-Z is a real tour-de-force. It summarises everything that’s great about Minis...”

The love for OMG-Z has even spread to the Netherlands, where gave it a 91% rating, saying: OMG-Z is in fact a real winner.  The game combines a subject that we have known for years with an original and addictive puzzle game.”

OMG-Z goes on general release on the 16thAugust (SCEA) and 17thAugust (SCEE) so it’s only a week to go until those of you without PlayStation Plus get to join in the Zombie Exploding fun.

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Misanthropia says:

I got 100% on this game, is something supposed to happen? or am i just done?
[LJ] Ross says:

@Misanthropia Congratulations. Thats it I'm afraid although you can start again if you want.
martin says:


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