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OMG-Z Top Tips

So our latest PSN Mini, “OMG-Z” is available now, but only on PS+ for the moment.  The rest of us will have to wait another couple of weeks for the infection to spread to the main PSN store.

I’m sure all you PS+ users out there are having a great time splattering zombies and spraying their guts all over the screen, but to help you max your kills, here are some top tips from our test team:

Learn the effects of each Zombie

Most of the Zombies will take out others close by, but if you want to really spread the damage make sure there are a few Police Zombies or Soldier Zombies in the cluster you target as they will fire their guns spreading the destruction to new clusters of Zombies.

Police Zombies

One of the best upgrades during the early game is the Police Zombie.  Getting this upgrade to level 3 gives you “Bullet Penetration”. This means that each Police Zombie can shoot more zombies after they are triggered. 

Hitting Bilious Zombies

These will dissolve into a pool of acid, killing any zombie that walks through it.  So make sure you kill them at a place where lots of zombies are going to walk through.  Its always disappointing to see an empty pool of acid when there are perfectly good Zombies that could be dissolving in it. 

Oil drums

Whilst shooting Zombies is fun, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as setting them on fire.  On levels which have oil drums, target these to create Zombie Torches. Once alight they will spread through the crowd causing havoc amongst their fellow zombies.

There are still a few more tricks to the Zombie killing trade but I’ll leave you to find them for yourselves (although I might be persuaded to dispense some more advice in the comments if you ask nicely enough ;-))

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Andrew says:

Can I ask what "population" does in the upgrades? Does it just add "x" more zombies in levels that have that type of zombie? I'm a bit confused by it...
[LJ] Ross says:

@Andrew Yes that's it exactly.
Andrew says:

That's what I figured. It just seems like a bit of a poor upgrade compared to others. I mean, in certain levels having more zombies could even be detrimental to your success (as you need to kill more). Although I realize it gives you a greater chance of a chain kill. For some zombies like military and bloated zombies I think it's not too bad, but for acid zombies and regular zombies not so much. The other thing is that it doesn't scale well. Like if you have 5 military zombies in one level, adding 1 will give you a 20% increase, but other levels that have 40 military zombies, have an extra +1 is pretty insignificant. I think it might be better if it added the extra zombies regardless of whether the level contains that type or not. Regardless - I having a blast playing this game! I can't believe how addictive it is.
[LJ] Ross says:

@Andrew I'll pass your comments on. I always found having more Zombies helpful as it makes it easier to avoid isolating Zombies.
Andrew says:

One more comment! I just beat the game tonight, got platinum on every level. I just wanted to add that the population upgrade makes a big difference on some of the harder levels that only have 1 of several types of zombies. I hope you guys release an expansion pack with upgrades/new levels and zombies and stuff - cause I would totally buy it!
[LJ] Ross says:

@Andrew Congrats. It's great to hear you're enjoying it so much
Lewis says:

Ross, you lie about early upgrades! It's *all* about upgrading the soldiers!
[LJ] Ross says:

:) Each to their own. I think Bullet Penetration rocks when you get it for the cops.

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