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Power Up!

This week I’ll be looking at some of the powerups found within Flame Over and how they are issued to Blaze Carruthers as the player guides him through the burning hallways of the Infernal Industries building.

As the player progresses through the game they’ll be awarded good old fashioned cash (pounds sterling, of course) as they extinguish flames. The money is issued instantly as a fire is put out, zipping from its point of origin to be sucked towards Blaze in a highly satisfying manner. Kerching!

Soon, the player will accumulate quite a lot of moolah, but what can good old Blaze spend it on? The answer? Powerups! That leads to another question… where does Blaze buy these powerups? From Infernal Industries’ very own Caretaker!

The Caretaker stoically mans his office to the last, and upon entering, Blaze will see a selection of 3 powerups on the shelf in front of him. If you have enough coinage you can buy a powerup by walking up to it and pressing [SQUARE]. The Caretaker is the stern silent type, but his terse intimidating demeanour doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. He’ll soon tell you if you don’t have enough cash and even if Blaze sprays him, he’ll understand… probably.

Here’s a look at a few of the powerups Blaze can acquire on his travels:

Speed Boots:     These winged boots give Blaze a much needed turn of speed.

Large Tank:        Boosts the capacity of Blaze’s water tank, giving him longer between refills.

Divining Rod:     Gives you a huge hand in finding hidden items during gameplay. Can save masses of time!

Gas Mask:         Protects Blaze from noxious chemicals.

That’s not a list of all the powerups in the game, but hopefully this glimpse gives you a clue as to the kinds of exciting toys and boosts that Blaze can get his hands on during a Flame Over game session. For more info, be sure to join us back here next week.

Until then, keep the home fires burning!


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