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The reaction to OMG HD Zombies

Hi everyone.  OMG HD Zombies has been out for a couple of weeks now and so far the reaction has been very good. 

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s reviewed OMG HD Zombies, posted about the game in forums or comment sections, told their friends about it or simply just bought and played the game.  I know it sounds cheesy but we really wouldn’t be able to make these games without you and knowing so many of you are out there enjoying our games really makes it all feel worthwhile.

Since the release of OMG HD Zombies we’ve been getting some great feedback from fans of the game on Facebook and Twitter and lots of people seem to be having a great time zombie slaying.  In fact some people seem to have racked up a truly impressive number of zombie kills.  For example at the time of writing the current leader, Langeflap-NL, has a whopping 327259 zombies killed.  By comparison I sit in 86th having managed a relatively paltry 57285 kills since the game was released.

It’s not just gamers who love OMG HD zombies either, as reviews have been very positive too.  PushSquare, for example, awarded it 8/10 saying:

“If you missed out on this clever take on the zombie apocalypse the first time around, then OMG HD Zombies is a must buy. The fresh undead types and overhauled visuals will offer something new for seasoned slayers, while the sheer satisfaction of the core gameplay loop will delight newcomers.”

The Sixth Axis also gave it 8/10, stating: “Overall OMG HD Zombies! is a great title by Laughing Jackal. The simple aesthetic hides a game that requires you to think before you act, and to conserve your supplies. When a chain is successful it feels great, and those rare occasions where you get 100% clearance are very satisfying.”

Shopto agreed, called OMG HD Zombies: “...the perfect quick play game for the Vita”

OMG HD Zombies is available now on the European PSN store for just €3.59 (£2.99) so if you haven’t already picked it up why not head to the PSN Store and enjoy the gore filled chain reactions of OMG HD Zombies.

In other news the PSM remake of our original mini the amazing Cubixx was recently selected in Pocketgamer’s list of the 20 best PlayStation Mobile games.  You can check out the full list here to see which other games Pocketgamer would recommend.   If that does inspire you to pick up the PlayStation Mobile version of Cubixx then the game can be found in the arcade section of the PlayStation Mobile Store.

That’s all for now.   I’ll be back next week, but until then you can join us on our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+  pages where we will be posting all the news from Laughing Jackal.

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