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Welcome to the Fun Factory

Hey everyone,

It’s that time again, so let’s catch up on what’s been cooking in Flame Over, Laughing Jackal’s forthcoming roguelike fire fighting game, in the last seven days…

This week we’ve put the finishing touches to the sample environments of our newly-completed Factory theme and they are looking pretty deluxe, I must say!

Above: A fabrication room, where some of Infernal Industries more unsavoury products are assembled.


Above: A typical warehouse environment for Blaze to extinguish. Watch that fuel on the back of the forklift!

The Factory is Flame Over’s last and most treacherous theme. We’ve divided its environments up into various room types, each of which will feature different kinds of flammable materials and hazards (pro tip: watch out for damaged wall vents!) for Blaze Carruthers to survive.

Above: A machine room where chemicals are produced. Beware of explosions!

As well as Factory-related stuff, we’ve made progress in other areas too, chiefly around our mini missions: bite sized chunks of gameplay that pop up every couple of levels. You will be tasked with jobs of varies varieties, helping track down missing items, protecting top secret company data and all manner of other cool stuff to be revealed in the near-ish future! :)

Above: A packing room full of lots of lovely flammable wood and paper in neat, fire-friendly rows...

Outside of all of those things we’ve been taking care of business on the debugging side, squashing some older and peskier issues in between jobs. Soon all of our mini missions will be coded and feature complete, at which point we’ll look forward to sharing them with you! Then it’ll be onwards up and upwards adding our remaining features as we head towards an alpha over the next couple of months.

Above: Printing room that'll be a electrical nightmare, plus lots of lovely burny paper. :)

That’s about it for this week. I hope you like the look of our Factory theme. Needless to say it should be the toughest of them all once work has finished… mwahahahaha! ^^

See you next week!


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