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Win Fabulous Fighting Fantasy Prizes

Hi everyone.

As promised in my previous blogpost, to celebrate the launch of Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death we’ve got some fantastic prizes available for all you Fighting Fantasy fans out there.

The star prize is the Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death book which we used when creating the Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death PlayStation Mini still containing the dev notes and which has been signed by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.  This unique prize gives you a fascinating look into the creation of the Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death PlayStation Mini. The winner will also receive an exclusive set of three A4 Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death posters signed by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.

Not only that, but four lucky runners up will each receive the exclusive set of three signed posters too.

To be in with a chance of winning this great prize, all you have to do is view the video below and answer one simple question:

What effect does the ‘Minion of Death’ have on those struck by its claws?


Email your answer to *comp closed* by 3:00 pm BST on Friday 26thAugust.

Good luck everyone.


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Vert says:

Great! Just entered, thanks Ross for answering my question on the other blog entry.
Andy says:

Purchased Talisman of Death yesterday, really enjoying it so far. I hope it is selling well for you. Any chance you will be releasing any more Fighting Fantasy games?
[LJ] Ross says:

@Andy I'm glad you're enjoying it. We're actually allready working on another one. I can't say which one yet but keep an eye on the blog because we'll be announcing it soon.
George says:

I got it and was playing it last night. The text conversion is a little weird. Like the scanner you guys used skipped a few words here and there and there are some spaces in between words (or maybe its just the screen\spacing). Also the interior art wasn't scanned in all that great but then again this is designed for the PSP and I'm looking at it on a big TV. Overall though its really cool, nice to have it roll the dice for you and keep track of stuff. I can't wait to see more of them. Can we get the cover art too? :) I commented on this game everywhere I can. Trying to spread the word....
[LJ] Ross says:

@George Glad your enjoying it and I'll pass your comments on.

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