Duæl Invaders


Duæl Invaders is a deliciously retro single-screen shootemup that lets you take control of two ships at once on the same PSP or PS3 controller!

In the depths of deep space a human colony is threatened by the Duæl Invaders; the reddest and bluest badguys ever to threaten a human colony. Star Command knows the only way to destroy red and blue badguys is to deploy red and blue heroes - that's where you (and your buddy) come in...

Using only the power of your red and blue player ships, a few power ups, and a simple-yet-innovative Aggro system called 'Skew', you must take on wave-after-wave of deadly enemies.

You score more points for shooting enemies of the same colour, but this also makes them VERY ANGRY! This simple rule is the key to staying alive and racking up massive high scores.

Throw in cool Dual (Co-op) and Duel (Versus) multiplayer modes that get your buddies involved and you've got an awesome retro-shmup with the weirdest name on the Store! Good luck out there Commander!


...fast-paced addictive action with a unique twist. - 8.0/10
...when everything clicks, it makes you feel like the greatest human being alive. - 3/4 (Good)
A well-presented shot of retro-blasting chaos... - 7/10
Pocket Gamer - Bronze Award