Welcome to a brand new era of rhythm! Let Vibes take you on a heart-pounding, button-bashing journey through a huge variety of music tracks.

Your accuracy, timing and finger speed will be taken to the limit in this unique test of rhythm. Follow the pattern of music and chase the big combos and high scores!

Amaze yourself by beating all the difficulty levels which push your fingers to breaking point! Do you have what it takes to become number one?


[Vibes] is a really great game that will keep you entertained for longer than you could expect - 8.5/10
Laughing Jackal seems to know exactly what buttons to press to get its audience nodding along appreciatively - 8/10
If you've got the music in your bones, pick this one up for sure... - 4/5
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Vibes is an incredibly good rhythm-action game combining button-matching and analogue stick flicks to really suck you into the music, in ways that the big guns with the plastic instruments often fail to do. 8/10