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Cubixx is coming to Nintendo Switch!


Hi everyone. We’ve been busy working on a multi-platform release for another publisher, but we’ve also found time to put the finishing touches to a release of another classic Laughing Jackal game! The high octane, PS3 and PC action puzzler Cubixx HD will be making the journey to Nintendo Switch very soon, now simply called Cubixx! 

Think you're ready to take on the cube? Well grab your Cubot & fire your laser across 50 Arcade levels and see if you have what it takes to unlock the secrets within. To succeed you will need to evade and annihilate deadly enemies & use your lightning fast reflexes to the fullest! This is a journey where only the best will survive!  

If this wasn’t enough, your skills will be pushed to the limit in the brand new “Challenges” mode. Here you will find 50 bespoke challenges that will really test your new found Cubixx skills to the max. These Challenges will require you to chase the highest scores, beat the fastest times, outsmart the bad guys & much more! 

On top of that there are over 150 leaderboards across the 3 brand new Attack modes, including: Score Attack, Line Attack & Time Attack. If all that isn’t enough then grab some friends & play up to 7 local multiplayer co-op, in Arcade & Attack modes or battle up against 7 of your worst enemies in Cubixx Deathmatch! 

It’s a really addictive classic, but don’t just take our word for it.  Check out these incredible reviews on PC & PS3: 

Eurogamer gave it 8/10, saying “The heroic thing about it all is that Laughing Jackal manages to reinvent Qix in a way that has evidently been completely beyond Taito for the past 30 years. And if that's not a fitting tribute, I don't know what is.” 

ZTGD gave it 85%, saying “Cubixx HD is a worthy investment that offers up tons of challenging game modes in a package that not only looks great, but plays great as well.” 

One UP Gaming gave it 5 Stars, saying “Cubixx HD is a wonderful reinvention of a retro style that has seen countless iterations over the years, while managing to define itself as its own title. With fast, addictive levels and visuals that mesh brilliantly with the energetic soundtrack, this is one game you can’t afford to miss.” 

The Sixth Axis gave it 8/10, saying “... ultimately it’s a game founded on superbly honed, solid mechanics that even stretched over an impressive amount of game types doesn’t ever really feel tired” 

Defunct Games gave it a B+, saying “Just like the old school arcade games that inspired it, Cubixx HD is easy to pick up and impossible to put down.” 

We’ve also made some tweaks to the game, to ensure that the Nintendo Switch version is even better than the previous two releases, for example new starting points are unlocked every single level, rather than every 5 levels. 

I’ve loved working on Cubixx again, and I’m really excited to bring this fantastic game to a new group of players. 

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Our latest project – Spirit Hunter: NG (Volume II)

Hi everyone! 

It’s been a busy time here at Laughing Jackal lately as we’ve been hard at work for our friends at Aksys Games Localization, Inc.bringing the awesomely unsettling English version of Spirit Hunter: NG (Volume II) to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam.) 

Spirit Hunter: NG is a wonderfully creepy horror visual novel created by Experience, and I’ve been having a fantastic time working on it!  The cast is a lot of fun to interact with, and the game is - and I really can’t emphasize this enough - *really* creepy, so if you like scary games, you will absolutely love this! :)

Sounds interesting, right Here’s what Aksys had to say about it: 

NG is the second entry in the new Spirit Hunter series, and the companion story to last year’s award-winning horror adventure, Death Mark. Spirit Hunter: NG follows the story of a cursed young man on a life-threatening quest to discover who—or what—is responsible for the disappearance of his little sister. To save her, our protagonist must team up with shady characters, face down spirits of legend, and make difficult decisions that can greatly alter the outcome of the game. 

Can you save your sister and stop evil from destroying all that you hold dear? Or will you find yourself just another victim of an angry spirit? 

So far, I’ve personally managed to finish one route through the game and I’m really looking forward to finishing the others, provided it’s in a well-lit room with plenty of furniture to hide behind when certain plot points crop up :)

I’d definitely say that this is a game well worth keeping your eyes on, if only to make sure that it doesn’t sneak up behind you... :)

If you want to find out more about the game, the official website for the game is: 
and the series portal site is: 

Happy spirit hunting! 

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OMG Zombies is out now on Nintendo Switch!

It’s alive! It’s Alive! 

It really is this time, because our brilliantly gory chain reaction shooter, OMG Zombies!, is out now on Nintendo Switch, and launches with an insane 75% off ‘early bird’ discount, slashing the price to just £0.99GBP / €1.09 / $1.24, until the 2nd April. 

OMG Zombies! Is an awesome reimagining of a genuine classic: the critically acclaimed OMG-Z, a top-ten all-time Metacritic rated PSP game and ranked as Metacritic’s best action title ever released on PSP! 

The City of Redfield has been hit by an outbreak of exploding zombies! For cool and unimportant reasons these suckers literally explode when shot, showering their zombie brethren with gore and causing chain reactions of showering zombie gibs with just a single bullet! 

As a lone cop armed only with bare wit, a large-calibre sniper rifle and bullets coated in a zombie-exploding pathogen, you are the last man standing at the epicentre of a zombie outbreak. Your mission? To succeed where the police and army failed by clearing the streets of 8 different strains of bloodthirsty zombies and stop Armageddon in its tracks!  

Use your sharpshooting skills to vanquish 100 branching levels of zombie hell across 40 unique environments in this hugely addictive chain reaction shooter. Earn 400 shiny medals and cold hard cash to buy 100 different upgrades, all designed to MAKE THOSE ZOMBIES EXPLODE! 

So, make sure you take this chance to see what makes this gore-fueled chain reaction shooter the game you just can’t put down! 

Not only does the Switch version include all the new upgrades from the PC and PS Vita versions of the game, but we’ve also made lots of awesome tweaks further improving the experience, all of which you can read about in a previous blog. 

OMG-Z, the original PSP version of OMG Zombies! received some stunning reviews: 

Defunct Games gave it 9.5/10 saying “OMG-Z is a simple masterpiece, the kind of game that sticks with you long after the ending cinema. Part action game and part puzzler, OMG-Z is one of the best games I've played this year!” 

Eurogamer awarded it 9/10 and said: “A monstrously addictive quick-fire affair that utterly nails what on-the-go handheld gaming should be about.” 

PlayStation Official Magazine UK awarded gave it 80% calling it: “more addictive than shelling pistachios.” 

PocketGamer awarded it 4 Stars and said: “Laughing Jackal's latest offers challenge and depth in its mechanics, bottling the chaos of a zombie outbreak in a smartly designed puzzler.” 

Meanwhile, Critical Indie Gamer looked at the PC version of OMG Zombies and said: OMG-Zombies! is a bloody orgy of viscera and strategy that engages and rewards your tasty, tasty brain. If you only get bitten by one zombie game this year, this one comes highly recommended.” 

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