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Long time no see!

Hi everyone. In the last blog I promised that I'd be back soon. But it has, in fact, been a little while since we updated the blog, hasn't it? :) Despite the lack of updates on the site we've still been very busy over the last two years. 

So, what exactly have we been doing, aside from not updating the blog? :)

The reason that we've been somewhat under the radar is that over the last 2 years we've been working very closely with Ghostlight and other publishers to port Japanese console games to PC. We also found time to bring one of our classic PS3 games, Cubixx HD, to Steam. 

Our current project is Nihon Falcom Corporation's fantastic Tokyo Xanadu eX+, which we're working on bringing to PC for Aksys Games Localization Inc. As a massive fan of Nihon Falcom Corp's work, I'm personally delighted to have the chance to work on this one. 

That's all for the moment, but I'm not planning to leave this blog another 2 years... In the coming weeks I'll be talking about some of the other games we have been working on since last we spoke.

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Flame Over coming to PS4 this September!

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a great summer. It’s been a long time since the last blog update but we’re back again with some great news!

We’re thrilled to announce that our firefighting  Roguelike action game, Flame Over, will be released on PS4 in all SCEA territories on 15th September 2015, with the SCEE version appearing the next day on Wednesday 16th September. The game will go on sale for the bargain price of £8.99 / €11.99 / $11.99.

So, if you’ve longingly admired the Vita and PC versions of Flame Over this summer and wished you could take part, now’s your chance! You can learn more about Flame Over on the dedicated website:

But there’s even more good news. The Vita version of Flame Over will be getting a patch in the next week or so that will bring it in line (as closely as possible) with the forthcoming PS4 version and fix some pesky bugs and balancing issues. So, there’s something for the firefighting faithful on Vita to look forward to as well!

We’ll be back soon with more news. For now, it’s time to start un-reeling your hoses in anticipation! :)

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Flame Over is out today on Steam!

The big day has finally arrived!! Flame Over, our firefighting action roguelike, is released on Steam later today priced at just $11.99. The game will go on sale at 9am PDT (5pm BST) at which point our massive 40% pre-purchase discount will expire, so make sure you hurry to the Flame Over Steam Store Page to take advantage of this great saving while you can! You should also know that there are cats in this game that may well burn without YOUR help. ;_;

Those of you reading this after the game is released shouldn’t despair, as there will be a lesser 20% discount lasting until Thursday 3rd June. So even if you have missed out on the 40% discount it’s still worth making sure you pick up Flame Over now. ;)

This is Laughing Jackal’s biggest project to date and anything you guys can do, from buying the game, recommending it to a friend, or sharing a link to a review or blog post – ANYTHING! – is sincerely appreciated by everyone here. Thank you. :)  If you buy the game then you will make us happy in a way it’s probably not safe to describe here. ^_^

It might not be out just yet, but the PC version of Flame Over is already getting some great reviews with Epic Brew awarding it 4/5 saying: “Flame Over is a quality roguelike”

In another awesome development, the 5th largest curator on Steam, Just Good PC Games, has recommended it, saying that: “It has a lot of replay ability”

In addition, the mighty Nerd Cubed’s look at Flame Over on Youtube was something we were thrilled to see:

Flame Over has already received lots of great reviews from its Vita release back in March:

“Flame Over isn’t just one of my favorite PS Vita games of the year but one of my favorite games full stop. I seriously cannot stop playing it.” - 10/10
PS Nation

“Extremely addictive. Hours and hours of pure fun.” -100%

“...packs a ferocious difficulty level and a protagonist that makes Fireman Sam look like a weakling... Not only is it one of the best games of 2015 (so far), it’s one of the best games on Playstation Vita. Period.”
Critical Indie Gamer

“Flame Over burns about as bright as a Bunsen burner with the air holes open and some magnesium tape held in the flame. It is a rock of a challenge that only Herculean gamers will complete... If you're up for the challenge, jump right in...” - 9/10
PS Vita Roundup

“Flame Over seems too hot to handle at first, but it's worth every hour you invest into it” - 8/10
Pocket Gamer

So, make sure you head over to the Flame Over Steam Store page to pick it up now. :)

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