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Flame Over – PS Vita release dates and prices revealed! Website goes live!

Hello all,

So this week’s blog is a little earlier than usual for a very special reason. We have a release date and price point for Flame Over on PS Vita!

Without dragging it out any longer, I am thrilled to announce that Flame Over will be released on Tuesday 10th March in SCEA territories, and on Wednesday 11th March in SCEE territories, for the bargain price of $9.99 in America and €9.99 in Europe, which should equate to £7.99 in the UK.

We’re sure you’ll agree that’s a great price for a game that’s been 2 years in the making and gives you the chance to be a true fire fighting hero in ever changing levels!

The official Flame Over website has also gone live today, so please visit:

The official launch trailer will be going live a couple of days before launch, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog. Because that’s a long time to wait, I’ve also recorded a second Let’s Play video which you can view below or directly on our YouTube channel. Please share it everywhere you can!

So, that’s it – bombs dropped! We can’t wait for you guys to grab Flame Over for yourselves. On that note, a short plea for help:

Laughing Jackal is a small, little known development team. We really need YOUR help to spread the news about Flame Over far and wide, so we can get it into people’s hands and keep doing what we (and hopefully you!) love – making great games. We appreciate any help you can give us, be it sharing a post, retweeting, or just telling a friend about Flame Over. It means a huge amount to us so thanks for whatever you’re prepared to do.  xoxo

That’s more than enough news for one week I think! But just one last thing…

If you’re lucky enough to be attending EGX Rezzed at London’s Tobacco dock between 12-14 of March 2015 then you’ll be able to try Flame Over for yourselves either on the Sony stand or at our very own demo area, and just one day after the Vita release date! We’d love to see you there!

See you next time. :)


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