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Gather Round the Fire...

Listen well children, for I shall tell you a tale of long ago...  Of a time before PlayStation, a time before even Nintendo first walked these lands.  It was a dark time for gamers, but not a time without heroes and the greatest of these heroes was known to all as Fighting Fantasy.

Many years have passed since those legendary days and many other heroes have stood tall against the darkness, but still the people cried out for the return of Fighting Fantasy.  Their cries were finally heard by the Laughing Jackal, who journeyed forth to return Fighting Fantasy to the world once more.

Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death has been faithfully translated to PlayStation minis and will include a new tile-based combat system as well as the classic dice based system the fans know and love, so you can experience the classic gaming book in a whole new way.

Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death also features a wealth of other features which build on the books. A 3D interface brings the book to life, an all-new Log book will now show you every previous journey through the game, preventing any unnecessary backtracking, and a Bios book will give you inside information on all the game book’s characters, items and weaponry. New Character Creation, Luck and Skill test systems are also on hand to enhance the experience on PSN, keeping the old rule set but presenting things to the fans in a new and exciting way.

So, be sure to return to the warmth of Laughing Jackal’s hearth again soon... more details will be forthcoming, for those adventurers willing to brave the journey to Orb, and the quest for the Talisman!

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jon jordan says:

cool - good someone's finally updating the basic game mechanics when translating these from book to console
[LJ] Ross says:

@Jon Jordan Yeah. We're massive fans of the original books here but we wanted to offer something that you couldn't do with the book and a pencil and paper as well as the classic gameplay.
Vermithrax Dagon says:

Excellent! Looking forward to the Fighting Fantasy mini for PS3, I'll be one of the first to purchase it. Any info on a release date/window?
[LJ] Ross says:

@Vermithrax Dagon We don't have a release dat at the moment but keep an eye on our blog, Facebook or Twitter and we'll let you know when we have a release date. And possibley news of our next Fighting Fantasy game as well :).
Stupidget says:

I've just downloaded it and have to say I'm right back to '82!!! I've got exactly the same feeling I used to get when reading the books. The way my imagination is thrown straight into a brilliantly described world that I just wanted to part of. The original art is there, the log book idea is great and the luck function is superb. Every so often a software house manages to make you feel 10 years old again, and you've just done that. Great work. When are you releasing City of Thieves then?!?! :-) Cheers, Stu..
[LJ] Ross says:

@Stupidget Great to hear your enjoying it. Think there might be a new announcement coming soon so keep an eye on the blog :)

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