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OMG-Z! Zombies!

To whoever reads this:

OMG-Z! The dead have risen here at Laughing Jackal. I can hear them groaning in the corridor now...

I think the last of the others was taken an hour ago and I don’t think I’ve got long left. I’m writing this blogpost to you in the hope that you can stop them!

You’re going to need all your sharp-shooting skills to blast your way through the hordes of the undead across 81 different levels.

I’d like to be more hopeful, but there are so many of them! Last time I saw, there were literally hundreds in some of the levels. It’s a good job you can win cash by taking those undead slimebags down... maybe you could buy better stuff??

Wait! I can hear them at the door now. I’ve stacked all the test kits up against it but I’m not sure how long it will hold.

Our only hope lies in the vile experiments carried out here at Laughing Jackal, the very experiments which created the zombie menace in the first place, thus dooming us all!

LJ have successfully developed special bullets which will cause the zombies to explode, destroying the zombies in the surrounding area. It seems like there are five different kinds of zombie, all of which explode in different ways. Maybe if you could exploit that you’d be able to take them all down with your limited ammo? It’s a long shot but it just might work...

The few surviving Laughing Jackal scientists have now been sent out into the field, where they will improve these bullets in exchange for funding for further deranged experiments. Maybe you could get in on the upgrade action using some of that money you find once you kill enough zombies?

Oh no! The door’s starting to splinter! There’s not much time left... We’ve hidden the bullets in the...

OMG-Z! They’re here! …

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djax says:

Will it have highscore table and achievements?
[LJ] Ross says:

The game does not feature highscore tables or achievements but it does have stats tracking and lots of upgrades.
Open Emotion Paddy says:

This game looks ridiculously awesome!!! Seriously guys, Shwwweeeet!
Grayback says:

when will be release? thanks
[LJ] Ross says:

@Grayback As PSN has only just come back on line the release schedule for PSN store needs some adjusting so if you can stick with us we will have an release official release date soon
Al says:

this game looks sick haha i want it now

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