Cubixx HD

Cubixx HD is a fast paced action puzzle game which sends high scoring, combo chasing gameplay to the third dimension!

Play through the epic 50 level arcade mode, challenge your skills to the limit in 50 challenges or take on the world in over 150 online leaderboards! If that isn't enough you can join forces with friends in the 7 player co-op or destroy each other in the 7 player Deathmatch!
GamesMaster Magazine - Top PickPS3M Magazine - Kauftipp (Best Buy)


OMG-Z is a chain reaction game where you must set off gore-soaked death chains amongst hundreds of zombies. It's you and a rifle, and five flavours of zombie between the undead and global armageddon.

  • Destroy hordes of zombies across over 80 branching levels.
  • Five zombie classes, each with lethal effects to exploit.
  • Lots of stuff: 70 upgrades to buy and 324 medals to win.
  • Stat tracking, Tutorials and 3 end sequences.
Pocket Gamer - Silver Award

Duæl Invaders

Duæl Invaders is a deliciously retro single-screen shootemup that lets you control two ships at once on the same PSP or PS3 controller!

In the depths of deep space a human colony is threatened by the Duæl Invaders; the reddest and bluest badguys ever to threaten a human colony. Star Command knows the only way to destroy red and blue badguys is to deploy red and blue heroes – this means YOU!
Pocket Gamer - Bronze Award

Ace Armstrong vs. the Alien Scumbags!

Help Ace Armstrong defeat the Scumbag invasion of earth in this classic old-school shoot-em-up with a funny 50s Sci-Fi twist.

Only Ace - and his patented 'Recycl-o-Ray' weapon system - can turn back the Scumbags' tentacled tide of terror! Exciting levels, huge boss battles, awesome weapons and a good old-fashioned challenge await you!


Get your finger on the pulse in this action packed rhythm game! With a huge variety of songs covering genres from hip-hop and psychobilly to pop and rock!

Let your digits do the dancing and hit all the right notes, as you play your way through the songs unlocking harder challenges and new levels along the way!

Stellar Attack

A classic mix of old school shooter and 2D puzzle game, Stellar Attack sees your lone star fighter taking on wave after wave of coloured orbs and gun-toting turrets!

You'll need all your precision and agility to destroy chains of orbs, build huge combos and destroy the turrets forever!

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